Research Funding Applications

Research Proposals for 2023 funding are now open.
Final date for submissions is 4 September 2022.

Should you require more information or assistance please contact

The Research Topics for 2023 are:

  • Technology
  • Human Issues and Skills
  • Coal Access, Mineability & Quality
  • Alternative Mining Layouts
  • Environmental, Legacy and Social Issues
  • Reputation
  • Active and Passive Water Treatment, Brine Treatment
  • Soil Rehabilitation
  • Mine Closure and Post-Closure Land Use
  • Water Security, Both Potable and Stormwater
  • Waste (Coal Discard and other) Re-use and Repurposing
  • Air Quality
  • Process Efficiency
  • Wase and Discard Utilisation
  • Fines
  • Alternative Uses of Coal
  • Closure Issues

Once submissions have been reviewed, the steering committees will recommend projects for approval. Following review by the Coaltech Board, a final decision will be made around the end of November. Following this process, notices of approval will be sent out ahead of the new financial year for research to begin.