Research Funding Applications

Research Proposals for 2024 funding are now open.
Final date for submissions is 16 August 2023.

Should you require more information or assistance please contact

Research Funding Topics for 2024 are:

  • Technology
  • Human Issues and Skills
  • Coal Access, Mineability & Quality
  • Environmental, Legacy and Social Issues
  • Reputation
  • Active and Passive Water Treatment, Brine Treatment
  • Soil Rehabilitation
  • Mine Closure and Post-Closure Land Use
  • Water Security, Both Potable and Stormwater
  • Waste (Coal Discard and other) Re-use and Repurposing
  • Air Quality
  • Process Efficiency
  • Wase and Discard Utilisation
  • Coal Fines
  • Alternative Uses of Coal
  • Closure Issues

When you can expect feedback:

  1. After the closure dates, submissions will be reviewed.
  2. Once submissions have been reviewed, the 3 steering committees will recommend projects for approval.
  3. Recommended projects are presented to the Coaltech Board for a final decision, which usually takes place around the end of November or early December.
  4. Once approval has been given by the board, notices of approval will be sent out to each project, ahead of the new financial year
  5. Research can begin in the new financial year once funds have been allocated to the project.